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01 Jul


P. KAY Metal Granted Broad Dross Elimination Coverage in New US Patent

July 1, 2014 | By |

P. KAY Metal has been granted United States Patent No. 7,861,915 providing broad coverage for its chemical dross elimination and reduction technology as used in the soldering process.

The patent comes into force on January 4th 2011. Notification of issuance of the patent was received by the P. KAY Metal legal team on December 16, 2010. Of particular interest is the breadth of the granted claims which cover the use of a variety of liquid chemical additives including the company’s MS2® product, which is used to eliminate solder dross and recover useable metal in the wave soldering process.

While similar patents have been granted in other countries for MS2®, the key patent globally is the US patent. Additional global patents are now expected to follow.

Larry Kay, President of P. KAY Metal stated “We are obviously pleased that the USPTO has confirmed the unique properties and the effectiveness of our process. This could not come at a better time as interest and acceptance of MS2 Dross elimination in the global electronics assembly industry is at an all-time high”.