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18 Aug


Etek Europe appointed as distributor of MS2 Dross Eliminator

August 18, 2014 | By |

Etek Europe appointed as distributor of MS2 Dross Eliminator by P. Kay Metals for the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and Tunisia.

Etek Europe are proud to announce that they have been appointed as distributor for MS2 Dross Eliminator by P. Kay Metals covering the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and Tunisia.

This appointment reinforces the relationship between two great companies: P. Kay Metals, developer of MS2 Molten Solder Surfactant and Etek Europe, a global supplier to the electronics industry.

Mike Nelson, Managing Director and founder of Etek Europe added “We are extremely proud to announce this appointment and look forward to working with P. Kay Metals whose products provide us with the opportunity to further extend our service offerings to our customers.”

ms2 website

Etek Europe have created a website dedicated to MS2 which demonstrates how the MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator can help reduce solder usage, resulting in significant cost savings.
Visit the website and watch the process online at

About MS2
Unlike conventional powders, oils, mechanical separators and even nitrogen blankets, MS2® molten solder surfactant doesn’t just reduce solder dross in wave soldering machines—it actually eliminates it.

By eliminating dross, MS2® molten solder surfactant allows manufacturers to reduce their solder usage by as much as 70%, depending on production volume, resulting in significant cost savings.
MS2® molten solder surfactant, which is available for both leaded and lead-free processes, is a non-toxic, non-volatile, organic liquid which is poured onto the surface of the solder bath.

About P. Kay Metals
P. Kay Metal supplies a wide assortment of metals, alloys, wire and metal cores for all industries, including contractors and ammunition manufacturers.

In addition, P. Kay Metal, Inc. is a global supplier of soldering materials used in the electronic assembly process. P. Kay Metal’s bar solder, solid wire, cored wire and soldering fluxes are used in an array of electronic assemblies which range from military to consumer product applications.

Their commitment to consistently producing quality soldering material and providing reliable technical and recycling services was the foundation upon which P. Kay Metals was established over 30 years ago.

About Etek Europe Ltd
Etek Europe has a strong reputation for being a quality provider of products and services to the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical and European electronic manufacturing industries.

With over 1,300 customers, Etek has built its success by developing strong relationships with both customers and suppliers, which ensures it continues to deliver premium solutions at a highly competitive price.

Together with one of the largest installation and service teams in the UK and with thousands of successful installations completed, Etek’s engineers have developed invaluable and unrivalled product knowledge and experience in all aspects of planning, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and training.