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Solder Dross Eliminator


MS2 Reduces Solder Usage Up to 85%

MS2 Solder dross eliminator can reduce solder usage by 60 – 85% while also offering additional benefits to the manufacturing process.

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Eliminates Dross-Related Soldering Defects & Rework

MS2 Solder dross eliminator can improve solder joint quality, while reducing dross-related soldering defects, including the contaminating and compromising of solder joints or deposition on the board.

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Lower costs related to managing hazardous waste

Managing hazardous waste is expensive and filled with hidden costs for businesses, from those incurred through everyday usage to those associated with packing and shipping.

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Works with both leaded and lead-free processes

While a great deal of soldering is still performed in a lead-based environment, global requirements continue to push manufacturers to convert to expensive lead-free solutions.

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Non-toxic, non-volatile, odour-free

MS2 Solder dross eliminator is non-toxic, non-volatile and odour-free. That means it’s safe for your employees to use. With no health-related implementation requirements, it can be efficiently used in your existing work areas.

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Leaves no residue on electronic components

MS2 Solder dross eliminator reduces solder flux residue, resulting in less mistakes, easier cleanup and a higher quality look to finished materials.

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for MS2 Solder dross eliminator products are made available to users of hazardous substances. MSDS’s contain safety information about materials such as physical, chemical and toxicological properties, regulatory information and recommendations to ensure safe handling.

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The economic advantages of dross elimination

Dross generation has always been a costly issue for the electronics assembly industry. At least half, and in many cases, more than half of the metal (solder) purchased for electronic manufacture is wasted as it becomes tied up in dross. With the advent of lead free solders as well as the spike in tin prices during 2008 the moderate economic pain of dross generation has become acute. In addition to metal cost, lead free solders have become known to exacerbate quality issues such as copper dissolution. A process introduced two years ago cures virtually all problems caused by dross and has now been shown in production to mitigate some of the other issues associated with lead free solders.
This paper will show the true cost of dross in 2008/2009 terms, including metal replacement, loss of efficiency, and safety aswell as environmental and quality issues which clearly demonstrate a need for a solution to this problem. In addition to dross elimination the process has been shown in the lab to reduce temperatures for wave and selective soldering and to improvewetting. Updated full production data at major EMS assemblers as well as lab test data will be presented.
In addition to answering the technical questions, why and how the “economics of dross” will be examined and a specific and significant cost savings scenario will be presented based on the first two years of full production.
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